How to make Pink Lip Balm at Home

How to make Pink Lip Balm at Home

Naturally, pink lips is an appealing part of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good looks. So, many individual want to lighten their dark pigmented lips.
Let’s learn how to make your favorite pink lip balm in the comfort of your home.

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How to Make Pink Lip Scrub


25 gram of brown sugar
0.2 ml of lactic acid 
10 ml of lemon acid 
2.5 ml of vegetable glycerin 
2.5 ml of lemon juice 
0.5 ml of lime juice (optional)
Food coloring (optional)

Mix all the above ingredients and stir properly, then add your food coloring (in a very small quantity). Then your pink lip scrub is ready.
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How to Make Pink Lip Balm


2 tbsp bees wax
1 tbsp lactic acid 
2-3 tbsp beetroot juice
1 tbsp Shea Butter 
1 tbsp vitamin E oil



  1. Get a clean pot or pan.
  2. Cut your beeswax into small pieces ( to enable it melt or dissolve faster).
  3. Pour your beeswax into the pot and place on a low heat.
  4. After some seconds you will see the beeswax melting into liquid form.
  5. Keep stirring while the melting process is going on, to enable every particle of the beeswax to dissolve properly.
  6. When the beeswax has completely melted. Bring it down from the heater or gas cooker.
  7. Then add the Shea butter and keep stirring, the wax will still be hot, so the butter will definitely melt immediately.
  8. After the butter have melted in the hot wax. Then wait a little, about a minute to allow the beeswax cool down a little.
  9. Then add your lactic acid, beetroot and vitamin E oil, while you keep stirring thoroughly.
  10. Ensure that you stir it properly  for proper mixing.
  11. Allow the mixture to cool down a little more before pouring it into a clean container, so that it will not melt the container.
  12. While the mixture is in the container allow it to completely cool down and solidify.

Note: Don’t allow the wax to cool down completely before adding the last three ingredients, hence it will solidify, and when this happens you won’t be able to add the ingredients again, unless you heat the wax again. Just allow the wax to cool down a little before adding the last three ingredients.

The reason why you should allow the wax to cool a little before adding the last three ingredients (beetroot juice, lactic acid, vitamin E oil) is to avoid rendering the ingredients ineffective as adding them into a very hot wax may destroy the nutrients.

In Summary

Always remember that different skin tones will look better with different lip colors. Don’t feel discouraged if your lips don’t look exactly like your favorite celebrities or the lip product ads you see in magazines. The goal is to aim for lips that are healthy, hydrated, and smooth with this home remedy for your lips.

Feel free to ask any question in the comment section for clarification,  also share with friends and family.

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