Basic Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Basic Makeup Essentials for Beginners

Many people turn down the use of makeup because they feel that they need lots of products and it takes lots of time to apply them.
But in reality, you only need a few basic makeup essentials in your makeup bag to look fabulous. These products are super easy to apply and trust me, it takes less than 10 minutes to apply them.

So are you ready to find out what makeup essentials you really need are?

Let’s talk a little about makeup….

Makeup should make you look like YOU, only even more beautiful and confident. It enhances your natural beauty, not change them or cover them up.

Think about a gorgeous dress you own that you LOVE to wear. You wear it because it makes you feel and look amazing, maybe it enhances your gorgeous figure or your lovely legs. Either way, it makes you look and feel FABULOUS. And you still look like you. Makeup does the exactly that same thing.

1. You don’t need too much products to look beautiful.
2. It does not take a long time to apply everyday makeup.
3. The only significant change that makeup does is boosts your self-confidence.

So since you know makeup still makes you look like you, and you can apply it in minutes and also you really only need a few products, let’s get started with what those basic makeup essentials really are.

Basic Makeup Essentials

  1. Moisturizer and Primer
    Great Makeup begin with a good base. Prep your skin with a good moisturizer and/or a good primer. It is an extension of your skincare routine and the basis for a smooth and even makeup application.
    I usually love to scrub first, making sure my face is oil-free before i go in with a small amount of moisturizer. Then allow it to sit a while then follow up with the primer.
    The use of face primer hydrates and brightens the skin for a dewy finish. The duo will ensure you have a flawless base that keeps your makeup fresh and in place all day.

    moisturizer and primer

  2. Foundation and Concealer
    Concealer is generally thicker than foundation. It is use for correcting and covering spots and skin problems like pimples. It lightens shadowed areas like dark circles under eyes, around the mouth or any other dark spots on your face.
    Some beauties are afraid of wearing Foundation so as not to look as though they are wearing a mask.
    Let me reassure you that using a foundation should not make you look like you are wearing a mask. The problem is getting the right foundation for your skin type. When you get the exact foundation for your skin, It is going to look amazing.

    Check out my post on Finding the right foundation for your skin

    Remember when it comes to foundation, LESS IS MORE you don’t really need to apply a lot of it. The foundation should feel like a second skin that has an even tone.
    Also, applying less foundation gives a more natural finish to the skin. It’s best to build up the product slowly. You can always apply a little more of the foundation if you feel you need a bit more coverage.

    foundation and concealers

  3. Eyebrow pencil and spoolie brush
    One of the most important features on your face: your eyebrows. The eyebrows defines your face, fill your brows with any eyebrow product you prefer either the pomade, gel, powder or pencil, it depends on your choice or the one easier for you to use.

    eye pencil and spoolie

  4. Mascara and Eyeliner
    For a beginner, skip the application of false lashes, and go for the legendary mascara and eyeliner combo.
    Mascara is my favourite makeup product of all time! Simply applying 1 coat of mascara makes you look INSTANTLY awake and refreshed. Even without applying some other eye makeup products, for example, eyeshadow, it will enhance your eyes and will quickly give a more stunning appearance. It darkens, lengthens and add more volume to your lashes.

    mascara and liner

  5. A Nude and a Bold lip colour
    Lipsticks has a role to play in your look. I will recommend going for a nude and a bright colour lip color (such as red, pink, maroon, or purple) as a beginner. I will recommend a red lipstick for the bold lip colour because of its versatility.

    nude and red lipstick

  6. Blush and Highlighter
    Adding healthy colors and glow to your skin with a blush and highlighter is a necessity. It makes you feel more lively. For blush go for a natural color close to your skin tone, also do not apply too much of it, also the highlighter.

    blush and Highlighter

  7. A Basic Eyeshadow Palette
    If you are experimenting with eyeshadow, get a palette that has a range of everyday nude and some bright colors to play with.


  8. Brushes and Makeup tools
    In order to apply makeup properly, you need the right tools. Get beauty blenders and a basic makeup brush set. The beauty blender is used to blending foundation and concealers into your skin effortlessly. For eye makeup and dusting powder and blush onto your face, the brush set will be there for you.

    brushes and Blender

  9. Wipes and Q-tips
    Yeah, even pros make mistakes, dipping a Q-tip into a lotion is the secret for instantly erasing errors. Makeup wipes is your best friend when it comes to removing most if not all your makeup. You can also use it for those lazy night when you are too lazy to wash your face. I usually love to wipe off my makeup using the wipes before washing my face. This way it is easier to wash my face and there won’t be a trace of makeup product on my face.

    wipes and q-tips

  10. Setting Powder and Spray
    The setting spray ensures that the little makeup you’ve applied stays in place all day long. It blends all the products applied to your face and gives a smooth natural finish. Also you can get a setting powder aka loose powder, it is used to set the concealer so that it will not cake (looks broken or uneven) . 

    setting powder and spray

Have a jolly ride in the makeup world…..

If there are other makeup essentials that i miss out. Please comment down below, i will love to hear them.

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