7 Things Making You Look Less Attractive

7 Things Making You Look Less Attractive

At all times we want to look attractive and be admired. However there are some things we do knowingly or unknowingly that affect our attractiveness.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as they say. Today, we are looking pass physical appearance. Let’s talk about them right away…..

  1. Good Posture

    Good posture do not only help to boost your appearance, it also increase you level of attractiveness. Though it is hard to correct but little steady efforts can help correct bad posture. Some bad posture like slouching, bending your spine while walking or standing, bending your knee backward while standing, etc. To learn more about posture click here

  2. Bad Grammar

    I feel bad bring it up because most times it is not anyone’s fault. It usually has to do with the way the person was brought up. Maybe his mum, dad or grand parent is not so good with grammar, so he or she grows up learning like that. But then it affects one’s attractiveness. There are many resources out there that can help improve your grammar so you can work on it, if it is one of your flaws.

  3. Bad Eating Habit

    We should always mind the way we eat, mostly in public places. I will also advise you eat properly or practice to eat properly when you are alone and in your comfort zone too, it helps. Eat in small bits and chew your food properly. Do not put too much food in you mouth. Also do not try to talk with food in your mouth, it makes you less attractive.

  4. Too Much Perfume

    You can be super good looking but if you spray too much perfume, it will just cover up your attractiveness. When you pass by instead of people feeling your good look, the strong scent will make them turn away and see you less attractive. I will advise you invest in a quality perfume, then few drops will go a long way to keep you fresh all day.

  5. Picking Things

    Some people have this thing about picking. Things like picking your nose, picking your nails, biting your nails, even removing food piece from your teeth. All this makes you look unattractive. You may think no one is noticing but they are noticing, so keep that in mind and try not to pick.

  6. Being in Competition with Everyone Around You

    I think most people don’t realize when they are doing it. Let me give an example here, when someone is telling you a story, an experience or something that happened to them. And your response is like, yeah i have it, i have been there, i can do it better, and the likes. Also feeling and always saying you are better than everyone else, you buy the best things and all. I believe you get my point now. This is not good, it really makes you unattractive and less admired.

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  7. Negativity and Talking Bad About Others

    This is something everyone needs to hear over and over. To some people saying bad things about others, makes them feel good about themselves. You just have to sometimes think about what is coming out from your mouth, if you would want someone to say that about you. Will it be okay? If it is not okay then try hard to take a step back and choose not to say it. Also too much negativity is not good, have a good positive energy towards things. If you kind of become a negative person in general, you level of attractiveness is completely opposite to someone that is always positive and bright. So say good things about people, compliment people, tell them how beautiful they look.

Lastly, always wear a smile and also be the reason that someone smiles, it goes a long way to boost you attractiveness.

wear a smile
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Hope you enjoy reading this article? I do not think i am super attractive or i am not a victim of one of these. There are so many things that could be improved. When putting this list together i gathered inspiration from myself, i have also seen people do some of these things and they looked so unattractive.

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