5 Best Wedding Color Combination you’ll love

5 Best Wedding Color Combination you’ll love

Marriage, which is said to be the oldest institution known to mankind, has evolved over the years, just as the world and everything in it. But then, some things just never change. Weddings still remain one of the most memorable, once in a lifetime events. You want to say “Not all the time” but know this, as far as couples about to wed and of course their guests are concerned, there will only be one wedding ceremony to last a life time. Anything contrary that happens in the long run is an unforeseen circumstance.

Now you understand why most people plan mind blowing, extravagant weddings. What couple wouldn’t want to celebrate their Union in the most memorable and unique style? This actually explains why wedding receptions remain the grandest and most attended event all over the Globe. Everyone wants to witness a beautiful celebration of love. Most single people attend weddings to get lucky. You know, anything can happen with so much love in the air. Oh, people love weddings even when they’re pretending not to.

Do you know that your choice of colors influences the general mood of the occasion? Of course you’ll be needing a bright weather too (especially if it’s an outdoor wedding), a beautiful environment with lots of space, splendid decorations, the perfect background music, lots and lots of food and nice collectibles. But the colors splashed all around is the key to that atmosphere you crave. Colors bring out the beauty of everything.

Wedding Color Combinations or palette

Now, let me walk you through five unique wedding color combinations that will give your wedding reception that atmosphere you crave.

  1. Blue and Gold

    Nothing like lots of blue (all shades) and bright gold with a touch of white. Some visuals will be handy. Feed your eyes on beautiful accessories, confectioneries and decorations to make your blue, gold and white wedding splendid.

    blue and gold

  2. Red and silver (All shades)

    Red and silver is a perfect wedding color. Especially when there is a touch of red to go with the silver. Some visuals will come in handy. Feed your eyes to the beautiful blending of two classic colors.

    red and silver wedding colors

  3. Purple, Magenta and lavender

    All shades of purple always depicts royalty.

    purple colors

  4. Violet and orange

    Violet or plum with a dark orange color goes a long way to make your wedding colorful. The beautiful combination gives off a cool and equally vibrant effect.

    plum and orange

  5. Lemon green and hot pink

    These two welcoming colors bring elegance and life to your celebration.

    lemon and pink

These color combination could be all you need for that your wedding reception to be the talk of town.

Looking for more wedding color palette, check out this post here.

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Which do you like most? Let me know in the comment session. Also you can tell me about your favorite wedding color combination.

Have a great day!

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  1. Zumba

    I will go for that violet orange

  2. D'Preacher

    Na who fine dey sabi wetin fine for eyes…
    Blue and Gold is my #1 choice.
    I also love the red & silver combo

  3. Kachy

    Brenda has left me in a confused state… I love all the combinations😍

    Weldone girlie

  4. Jacinta

    Blue and Gold is a beautiful combination, together with red and silver. You know it’s a special day so everywhere has to look hot and beautiful.😍 Nice one Brenda.

  5. Via

    These are lovely colours except 5. Nice one brenda

  6. Tiana

    Blue and gold 😍

  7. Juliet

    These are med colour combination, they are all lovely however Red and Silver does it for me. 😊😊

  8. Monica

    Wow, these are catchy colors. I can’t seem to make a choice just yet.

  9. Blissful angel

    All the combinations are good to go but blue and gold remain my best.

  10. Precious

    Wow!!! Blue and Gold 😘

  11. Adeola

    The blue and gold, red and silver also. I love these colours.

  12. EvesFOCUS

    Violet, magenta and lavender is definitely a winner for me…
    Brenda you hv done well😍😍

  13. Johnson

    3 is much okay for though when I’m ready my woman will make the choice

  14. Jessycoco

    I’ll go with the first & last. Their combinations are great. Nice one dear 👍

  15. Andra

    Royal blue and Gold 😍😍😍

  16. Jiggy

    Nice one, except the orange and violet. Really insightful

  17. BakedByPhilo

    Now I’ve always dreamt of Red and gold.. but this pink and lemongreen is such a great combination I might change my mind😃. Awesome 👍…Brenda

  18. Cynthia

    I will go for blue and gold because I love blue…. Also all red would be lovely or red and white 😁😁

  19. Anonymous

    Nice read but I don’t like the colour combinations here

    1. Akorsoft

      Blue is the colour !!! Thanks Brenda

  20. Elochi

    This is Lovely, I can’t really wait for that my special day to come so I can make good combinations for my outfit.

    Nice one Brenda, you are doing well. 😇

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